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Just when you thought Buffer App was cool enough…

So remember when I told you about the coolest social scheduler EVER, Buffer App? Of course you remember because you’ve been using it ever since! Can I tell you how many hours I’ve gotten back in my day because I don’t have to pick a date and time for every single tweet? Just buffer it!

Anyway, the team at Buffer sent me an email this weekend (which was so kind) to let me know about an awesome feature, which you’ll actually now see staring you in the face to the left of this post at the top of my ShareBar. You know, that scrolling bar of buttons that really really wants you to share my content with the world? Yes. That one.

Buffer created a couple of buttons that you can add to your ShareBar. Just manually install with a little bit of code and voilà! You can let the world know that it’s as easy as a click for them to add your WordPress post to their Buffer stream! (I know DiggDigg is another plugin just like the ShareBar, but I’m not sure if they let you add new buttons or not… something to look into if you use DiggDigg.)

Make sure you visit Buffer’s blog post which explains quickly and easily how to install their button to the ShareBar. And don’t forget to buffer this post (don’t you love using that word as a verb?) so we can share this feature with all the other Buffer App lovers!

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I believe this is an excellent app! I think i need to give it a try...

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Love it - excellent service and I love the Chrome add-on too.

schmittastic moderator

@Justicewordlaw@12most I love it. I have saved so much time in my day by scheduling posts faster. I am HAPPY to pay for the professional level too. Anything to make my productivity skyrocket is worth it to me. You should really give it a try!