5 Ways To Make Google Plus the Top Referrer to Your Blog

The fastest growing social network on the planet is still going strong and with the latest announcement of brand pages, there’s an even greater opportunity to grow your community on Google Plus.

Getting content found can be somewhat easy on G+, but only if you’re approaching its features in your favor. Here are a few that will not only get you found by new readers, but also turn the network into the top-referring source of traffic to your blog:

1. Post Publicly

Google Plus really nailed a feature that was greatly desired by the people of social media: Circles. Limited access dependent of your friend-type status. And I definitely think they’re a great feature to have. But Circles really only benefit me when I’m trying to split people up for viewing purposes. When it comes to posting an update, I always post to the Public. Not to a particular circle. Not to just my friends. I want anyone that could possibly be interested in my blog and my content to find it. And posting to the Public of Google Plus is one of the top ways to get that accomplished. (Not to mention the GREAT perks of Google Search optimization!! You know Plus and Search are like besties, right?)

2. Tag Users In Your Update

When you’re writing a status update for Google Plus, help spread the word by incorporating other Google Plus users. For instance, if you happened to talk about your friend in the post or maybe you interviewed  another source in your industry, make sure you tag their name in your update because they will see the article directly, and hopefully interact and share it with their communities. Everytime a post is +1’d or commented on, it stays high up in the news stream. So the more people interacting with it, the more new people will see it.

3. Attract Attention With Multimedia

Google Plus is like Facebook in the way that pictures and video win big. So, don’t let those opportunities pass you by. Instead of just posting the link to your article and letting the predetermined post preview show up, be different. Upload a picture that is relevant to your post, and then explain its relation with a shortened link to your post. There is more likely to be curiousity in clicking the link this way.

4. Ask A Question To Drive Conversation Around the Post

Give your Google Plus audience a homework assignment, or rather don’t make them read your post at all. The cool thing about Google Plus and engaging it is how comfortable people are to leave comments on their circles’ status updates. So when you pose a question revolving around the content of your post, lead them to want to read your post first and then come back and join the conversation, but be sure to welcome people who only want to share their thoughts without reading as well. Interaction on your social network, no matter if you’ve gotten the traffic yet or not, will lead to more traffic and interaction in the future.

5. Fill Out Your Google Profile In It’s Entirety

This is kind of a no-brainer, but you don’t want to have worked so hard to get a bunch of attention from your network and then not have the sufficient information on your background to please your investigative audience. Give them all your contact info and ways to find you so that the interaction doesn’t stop on Google Plus. You want them to have many ways and reasons to visit your blog.

Are you using Google Plus? What features have you benefited from for community growth?


  1. jennstaz

    I really like the multimedia tip. I think I may start doing this on Facebook as well. The previews that G+ and Fb provide are *okay*, but sometimes they’re just a royal pain in the butt. Thanks for the great tips! I was just about to give up on Google+!

    1. @jennstaz I totally agree! Gain control over your image previews by making them yourself! I actually did that today with this post. Don’t give up on Google Plus just yet. It’s still effective as far as search and finding new people to engage with. Thanks for the comment, Jenn!

  2. SimpSolOrganize

    There are definitely times when I am starting to feel overwhelmed with all the different places in social media to grow my business. But I know that traditional marketing is falling by the wayside and social media is the wave of the future (well, the wave of the now actually). With Google+, I am just trying to figure out where it fits for my business.

    1. @SimpSolOrganize And that’s all you can do. You have to test and see how a network will help you if at all. I’m on a lot of social networks because it’s my job to know about them. But for other brands, it’s about where your current and potential customers are. Don’t worry, Christy. There are many brands who are overwhelmed! I’m hoping I can help you not feel that way as much 🙂

  3. Could you give an example on why someone would want more than one Google+ page? I get it if you have multiple businesses, but if that’s not the case is there another reason you would create multiple pages?

    1. slofia The only reason I have so many is because I need to be able to broadcast google hangouts live on certain YouTube channels and it’s hard to get them connect to only one account. Tough to explain but not on purpose. Aside from that, I have a personal profile and then brand profiles just like anywhere else.

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