Update: Save More Time When You Schedule Tweets With Buffer App [VIDEO]

I’m a big fan of Hootsuite (affiliate). I mean, that dashboard will allow you to do pretty much anything when it comes to your social presence. Whether it’s measure your tweets, run a constant search, or schedule activity.

But, I really don’t like to look at Hootsuite that much. Maybe something about all that activity is really overwhelming and therefore not pleasing to the eye? And I also spend way too much time on scheduling tweets. I just hate that I have to set the date and time every single time I’m adding a tweet to my publisher.

Well, I decided to finally give Buffer App a chance, after Guy Kawasaki mentioned it at BlogWorld. The idea is that you set up your social accounts with the app and then the intervals of time that you approve of content getting scheduled in your settings, instead of for every single tweet. Taking away the time of an extra step every time your schedule something.

So for example. I set up @SavvySexySocial on Buffer to be able to tweet from 8am to 10pm at every half hour interval.

So now that those settings are there, I just need tweets in my Buffer to be ready to go so that the app can send them out at the times it has available:

This shaves, easily, 2 minutes off of every time you want to schedule an article to share. Especially, if you have Google Chrome. If you download the Chrome extension for Buffer App, you can click the app’s button in your browser whenever you are in an article you want to tweet or share on Facebook, edit it, and send it to the Buffer. All without even visiting the dashboard.

I’m in Facebook and Twitter scheduling heaven. SO much time added to my day because I don’t have to deal with setting a specific time and date with every social post. Buffer even sends me an email every time I’m low on tweets, so that I’ll be reminded to get back in there and prepare some content to go out (an option you can turn off if it gets overwelming).

I also upgraded my account to the first paid level because you can have more tweets in your Buffer at a time (50 as opposed to 10… you can also upgrade to the unlimited level) and add a team member. You just might be able to use the free version forever, and that’s totally cool with them.

Give the app a try and let me know what you think. If you were looking for more activity coming from you in your stream but haven’t had the tools to be consistent, this just might be the app to help you make it happen.

Update: Check out my Tweetfind video where I share some more of my love for Buffer App.

Have you tried Buffer App yet? Has it helped your productivity?


  1. thelmabowlen

    I did and I loved it until I discovered Timely. It takes away another step by scheduling tweets for you. You just choose the number of tweets you want to go out in a day, and then add them to your queue, no more need to plug in the times. The only downside is that the frequency is limited to one, three, five, or nine posts per day. I use HootSuite, too, so both Buffer and Timely are nice supplements.

    1. @thelmabowlen Interesting. Yeah. I’m always in a position to have to upgrade my account because the limited amount of tweets is difficult. But the cool thing about Buffer is that every time you refer someone to use them, you get an extra tweet for your queue (so the free account starts with 10 and then gets another spot for every referral). Thanks for the info!

  2. jayrowsey

    Hey Amy. It’s been crazy lately. I need to catch up on your posts that I always love. Hope you had a great time at the conference.

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