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The Great Email Marketing Roundup

Email marketing. Not exactly what some of you were thinking when you knew you needed to start using social media, but by far the best way to communicate with your growing community. I have rounded up some posts from my ReadItLater archives. These are all great tips that helped me grow my email list and make it attract people who actually look forward to hearing from me.

Hopefully, if you have a blog then you already have an email list ready for sign ups. It’s a must. So take a look at these posts and see what you can do to improve:

4 Tips To Keep Your Email List Squeaky Clean :: Hubspot

How I Accumulated 10K Email Subscribers in 13.5 Months :: Smart Passive Income

The Secret To Building A Responsive Email List :: Ricardo Bueno

How A Dumb Little Tweak Nearly Doubled My Blog’s Email Subscriber Rate :: Pushing Social

I Expect People To Open Emails When I Use This Trick :: SlyMarketing

How To Track eBook Downloads With Aweber :: John Chow

5 Types Of Lead Nurturing Emails You Should Be Sending :: Hubspot

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Grow Your Email List :: Problogger

What tips have you read that helped you with your email list? Share them in the comments below:

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I'd love to read a post about how to begin to market with email. What comes first, the opt-in on the blog, or the newsletter? How many subscribers is enough before you actually start to write something, knowing full well they're all (in my case, all 3) either relatives or "pity-optins"? I suppose making a website a good destination is an earlier priority. But not from what I read. Which is the cart and which is the horse?

schmittastic moderator

@RickWolff There's nothing to subscribe to if you don't have a site. So that comes first. But you can't launch a site without an opt in form. Becuase as soon as you start getting traffic you want to retain those readers. And you only need one subscriber to start emailing them. No one knows but you how many subscribers you have. So why would you think that that one person isn't worth spending your time contactings? It doesn't matter why they joined your list. They want to hear from you. Set up an email marketing account with Mailchimp or Aweber at the same time you're getting your site ready and have everything ready to go at launch.