Personal Branding with Twitter

I love my Twitter account. I love chatting. I love posting pictures. I love sharing great posts. I love marketing my blog.

But my personal brand is a little complicated, you see.

Savvy Sexy Social is only a little bit of who Amy Schmittastic is. What I do to make money plays a role in why this blog exists. It’s my portfolio. My advice archive. My recruitment hub.

But long ago, when I first discovered the power of social, I was not using Facebook. I wasn’t using MySpace. And there wasn’t even a Twitter yet. The first social network that started my professional digital journey was Youtube.

I’ve had a few channels. At one time, I was in a band and shared a lot of our practice and gig videos. And then I realized how much fun creating videos with my friends was. So that is how The Schmittastic Vlogs came along.

It didn’t take me long to realize I was pretty good at what I was doing. Nor did it take long for me to realize that I needed other social networks to share my videos and continue to grow my audience.

Fast forward. My Youtube Schmittastic channel is still very much alive and well and I also now have a Savvy Sexy Social channel to compliment this blog.

So of course, I made two separate Facebook fan pages because that only made sense. The people that were tuning into my crazy antics on Schmittastic are looking for something different than my crazy antics on Savvy Sexy Social.

But when it came to Twitter, I was struggling. I created a Savvy Sexy Social account, but I was always saying the same stuff on my personal Twitter account. It was kind of worthless for me to have both. So I decided to stop updating the official Twitter account, and just stick with my Schmittastic Twitter account. And things have been good…

…but my OCD tendencies still tell me that things are not right. From a personal branding stand point, I’m not giving my Schmittastic Youtube subscribers a good opportunity to connect with me because I’m always “on” for the Savvy Sexy Social presence on my personal Twitter account. It’s not cut and dry like on Facebook.

So that’s why, after much deliberation (pretty much since I chose to use only one account), I’ve changed my mind (again) and will be updating the official Savvy Sexy Social Twitter account for the purposes of this blog. I encourage you to follow the account if you are interested in staying updated of posts, events, tips, and all things social media marketing. I will obviously not completely abandon that content on my Schmittastic account, but I want it to be a more personal connection to me, versus the professional.

Amy, why did you bother going into that whole story when you could have just said that we should follow that other account, too?

Because personal branding is important. And the decisions you have to make yourself could be related to the things I have to work out for my own presence. This is some good advice for those who feel lost on this subject. To have two accounts? Or not to have two accounts? That is the question. And this my answer.

Click to follow our new(ish) account!

What kind of issues have you been dealing with when it comes to making personal branding decisions? Leave a comment below:


  1. omv

    I follow both because I dont want to miss any of your gold nuggets, but you are right, I done the same in the past I make a separate account for a project and then I completely forget to update it, also had people tell me it was redundant since I was writing the same updates on both, now I have been following you for quite a while (stalking comes to mind), and I have come to realize that you are your brand, SSS is Amy and vice versa and I dont think that is a bad thing, you are a walking talking knowledge database of social media and I for one appreciate it, I also appreciate the small glimpses you give us of your private life now and then, it makes you so much more believable, anyways that is all just IMO.

  2. Schmittastic

    @omv Thanks Brian! I agree with you 100% but I want people who don’t connect with me for social media tips to also feel comfortable with my Twitter stream. So I think I can continue to be the brand and share a bit of information on my personal account with more of an influence on who I am. Like you said, you like to see the fun side of me too and I want people to get more of that.

  3. organized_mama

    I recently started a personal twitter because I didn’t feel right using my business account for that purpose. I am so glad that I did. I use hootsuite to update my business account with organizing tips and events and the personal accounts to connect with people I want to follow and other mommies. Very useful tip for us business peeps!

  4. Schmittastic

    @organized_mama Nice work, Christy! I think we’re definitely on the same page here. Kind of takes a load off my mind that people know what to expect from both accounts, you know? Love it!

  5. organized_mama

    @Schmittastic And now I don’t have to be embarrassed if clients or potential clients see that I am following Guiliana Rancic or Rachel Zoe 🙂

  6. Evans_Team

    I have 2 twitter accounts also. My company wants me to promote them so I just started a twitter account for them evans_team but I also want to build my personal network (for the future) seanfrazer7 . It’s hard trying to have a voice for a whole company and not make it sound just like my personal twitter account. When you manage a business twitter account do you focus more on finding and giving content, or do you go about it as a conversationalist like I would with my personal account?

    1. Schmittastic

      @Evans_Team I definitely have been curating more content revolving around the niche of my blog with savvysexysocial but I also have conversations with people over there. Regardless, they know it’s me. Which is important for driving a personality behind the avatar, whether it’s a personal brand or big brand. Good question! evans_team seanfrazer7

      1. Evans_Team

        What if you’re representing a company, and you don’t own the company? Is there any hidden etiquette on that or is it okay to have your own personality mold in to the business?

        1. @Evans_Team I think your personality is key to letting people get close to the brand. Just because you are the representative doesn’t mean they can’t have that connection. As long as you are driving conversation and staying within the policies of the company, no tweeting can be bad tweeting. Prove ROI with the amount of people you are getting engaged with the brand.

        2. Evans_Team

          @Schmittastic alright thanks! BTW this blog is awesome. I’m learning a ton. Great work over here! I’ll tweet this website a couple times today, maybe you’ll get one or two clicks 🙂

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