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10 Things I Learned from Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Working for yourself is a difficult decision. One I made for myself officially earlier this year.

I left a position with great job security because I wanted to follow my instincts and work more in the digital space. I took a job as a copywriter to keep from making a financial leap. It was work I enjoyed, but not exactly what I wanted for myself. So when it came time to leave there, I knew I had to do what was in my heart.

I wanted to be my own boss, make my own hours, and do the work that I am best at.

So that’s what I did. And I’m still doing it. A decision that has been rewarding, exhausting, liberating, frustrating, slow, busy, unknowing, and a lot of other things. I have a new emotion about my career every day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m doing okay on my own in large part to the incredible amount of reading that I do. (If you’re impressed with how much content I publish… you wouldn’t believe how much I take in.) And today I wanted to recommend one of the resources that has helped guide me to become a better service provider and businesswoman.

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

This book was recommended to me by my favorite European and business consultant, Matthew Kimberley. The two of us were on a sponsored road trip this summer and this book was one of the many things Matthew suggested to light a fire under my business.

If you are a service provider and looking to improve on yourself and grow your business, this book is an absolute staple for your education. I insist you download the free chapter on your Kindle so that you can be convinced to buy it yourself. It has been one of the Top 2 resources to help me grow my client base and increase business. Here are some things I learned:

 10 Things I Learned from Book Yourself Solid

  1. It’s not good for my business to accept anyone with a budget. I have to set my “Red Velvet Rope Policy” so that I can continue loving what I do.
  2. Knowing what the needs and desires of my target market are and keeping them in mind in everything I do will give me an edge above the competition.
  3. Networking doesn’t have to be so stuffy. I can share what I do in a way that’s enlightening instead of putting people to sleep.
  4. Communication. Communication. Communication. I have a network for a reason. Stay in contact.
  5. I learned the perfect price for  my services and how to know when I can raise the price without getting beat up in an alley by my conscious.
  6. Maintaining my blog is a great contribution to my foundation and the Core Strategies of Book Yourself Solid
  7. I must have a contact database and update it frequently to track those I haven’t reached out to recently.
  8. How to seek out great speaking opportunities and build my experience in front of an audience.
  9. Social media strategies to show off my brand and my services (I actually knew this one already :)
  10. Selling myself doesn’t have to be weird and awkward. I can be a confident consultant, ready to share my abilities with the world.

Get Book Yourself Solid on Amazon now! I hope you’ll share your thoughts on his strategies in the comment section below:

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Hi Amy!

Well, I discovered Book Yourself Solid not to long time ago and watched the training he did on CretiveLive. He has come out with Book Yourself Solid Illustrated and it's even better than the original one. I love the strategies so much that I'm planning to become a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach. I'm a emotional intelligence coach and I feel this is the only business training that would help me combine the two so that I can serve my client in the best way. 

Great post as always! Keep up the great work!!!


Jens-Petter Berget
Jens-Petter Berget

Hi Amy,

That sounds like an awesome book. Finding my brand has been the biggest obstacle for me, and understanding what I love and how to actually make money doing it. I'm getting there, but it's a long road. I'm adding this book to my wish list.

Thanks for sharing.

Ricardo Bueno
Ricardo Bueno

#1 & #5 were the hardest for me. When you're starting a business, it's tempting to want to take anyone with a budget because well, you have to pay the bills. But that also sets the tone for how you pursue things and grow. it affects perceived value as well.

Determine what you're worth. Charge it. Stick to it. Be confident.

Ultimately, you'll build a better business that way.

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RSA Course
RSA Course

Have not heard of this book, but it sounds good, don't have a kindle, but sounds like from the comments it may be available as audio?

Latest blog post: RSA Certificate


That Is a solid book (Pun shamelessly intended) I've read it several times and I learn something something new every time. I need to read it again as I plot my own entrepreneurial adventurer...

Latest blog post: Doing-it-all


Great post Amy! I was actually just listening to this (again) on my drive today. I read the Kindle version a year or two ago and listening to it again really helps solidify the lessons.


This is fabulous. I just thrilled that you enjoyed the book. When it means something to you is when it means something to me.

schmittastic moderator

@Ricardo Bueno Those are definitely the toughest. I'm actually still questioning a client I turned down the other day because I knew it wasn't right for me to take the project. But I still think about it because the money was there. It doesn't matter. It will only distract me from being on the right track with my niche specialty. I have to stay focused on that. Thanks for your comments Ricardo. It's nice to hear when others have struggled with the same issues.


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