Sexy Self-Promotion: The Art of Blogger Outreach

It’s hard not to want to start a blog when you look around the blogosphere and see a lot of success. This platform is obviously an effective tool.

But the beginning is really hard. Not that it gets easier later, but in the early days you don’t even have anyone listening while you pour your heart into a post. That can be frustrating.

“How can I grow my network quicker? I gotta speed up this process,” you think.

When you think of the online space as real life, the answers becomes clear. Relationships. Relationships. Relationships.

You set up your social networks. Start chatting people up. You join a few forums or chats in your niche. You even Hangout on Google Plus.

But there’s one grand strategy that will help you grow bigger and better and faster.

Blogger Outreach

Who are the people who’ve figured it out? What are the big names? Who are the up-and-comers? What are they doing to make their audience interested and loyal?

But more importantly…

How can you get in on their community?

This strategy is a large part of what I do for my blog, my clients, and myself. Blogger Outreach is the technical term, but I call it Equally Beneficial Relationship Building. Because that’s exactly what it is.

I have reached many-a-blogger in the online space. Talking to them. Learning about their community. Figuring out how I can help them. Going above and beyond to be more than just an avatar. Introducing them to people that would benefit them to know. Building relationships to help and be helped.

Because of the success that Blogger Outreach has created for me, my clients, and my network, I’ve decided to write an eBook for Savvy Sexy Social so that you can learn how to build and take advantage of relationships in the online space.

Are you going to learn things you don’t know? No.

You know how to be a person. You know how to show someone you genuinely care. You know how to help.

But with all the noise online of shortcuts and sales talk, we forget that people online are people in real life, too.

The eBook that will guide you back to personable reality is called:

Sexy Self-Promotion: The Art of Blogger Outreach

In it you will learn implementation tips and strategies to grow your network, such as:

  • Top resources to research bloggers in your niche,
  • How to tweet your blogger targets in a way that won’t get you dismissed as a spammer,
  • How coment sections are blogger gold that you can take advantage of,
  • Being a real life person. Skype and video chat,
  • Connecting the puzzle pieces of your network together to help and be helped,
  • How to grow traffic organically just by connecting with the right people,
  • How to approach a blogger and make them want to help you sell your book/content,
  • Killing two birds with one stone by helping others first with content creation on your own site,
  • and, so much more.

Get your copy for only $9.99!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Wow, that sounds like an awesome book. I absolutely agree, my fantastic marketing adventure is all due to my online friends. This is how I learn, and they’re the ones keeping me inspired (you’re included on the list). Looking forward to read more about your book.

    – Jens

  2. antiwoodblog

    Interesting. I didn’t read the book but when are you gonna reach out to my blog? Or do you make people spend $20 for you to reach out to them?

  3. Schmittastic

    @antiwoodblog From this comment I can tell you are a good candidate for this book. There is a lot you must learn about blogger outreach, grasshopper.

    1. Schmittastic

      @jayrowsey That’s great! Thanks Jay! I think you’re really going to appreciate this one.

      1. timsmith777

        @schmittastic  Amy,Thanks for your fast reply!!! Yes! I’m looking at it now… i looked at your bootcamp on blogs looks fantastic and vary helpful . I’m still trying to set ours up I have the WordPress template installed just do not know how to set it all up after I get it all in order i would love to sign up
        Have a great week.

        1. @timsmith777 The openings for the class are probably going to run out in the next day so consider it even though you’re still working on layout. I’ve had some people sign up who haven’t launched a blog yet either. Still very important advice. Let me know if you have questions!

        2. timsmith777

          @schmittastic Oh Ok Thanks! 
            I’ll talk to my wife in the a.m. she’s the force that drives me!!!! LOL
          So we can move forward tomorrow with the sign up.

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