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Fri. Oct. 6th :: Top 5 Stories in Social and Tech

Lots of Apple news this week. Some groundbreaking. Some heart shattering.

1. American pioneer, inspirational leader, and Apple’s visionary, Steve Jobs, who defined much of the music, smartphone, computer, animated film, and of course, tablet industry passed away peacefully yesterday. The tech world is reeling in sadness and yet so impressed with his outgoing epicosity, around Apple’s announcement of the greatest phone to ever be introduced, the iPhone 4S. The world has been changed by Steve, and we’re going to miss him deeply. He was 56.

2. The death of Steve Jobs is sending Apple lovers into a frenzy of grief and are sharing their love for Jobs in Apple stores nationwide.

3. It’s recently been reported that Google’s higher ups are not using Google Plus as frequently as would be ideal for a social network trying to beat it’s top competitor, Facebook. Some are asking if they don’t use it, why should you?

4. Facebook occupies the time of visitors far longer than any other top website. This may not be breaking news, but here’s the research to prove it.

5. Sprint and Verizon Wireless have started taking pre-orders today for the $99 iPhone 4 8GB phones today. The preorders for the 4S will begin tomorrow.

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short and precise. SJ's death really touched everyone. He is with everyone who has his works.