SNL Skit Exposes Comment Trolls’ Personal Issues

If you tuned into Saturday Night Live this weekend, to watch Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids host, then you saw this fantastic skit that shared an issue that really hits home for a lot of bloggers and businesses with a presence online.

The Comments Section is a talk show where the host discusses the troll-like comments that his guests have left on blogs and articles all over the internet and either punishes or heckles them. Check out the clip above.

When irrelevant, stupid, ignorant comments show up on our blog, you know we all wish we could be like that old lady that surprises the commentator who thinks he’ll never meet her, and address them right to their scared little faces. And we dream about having the chance to punch all of them in the gut like the guy that comes out at the end of the skit.

SNL can do that. But we can’t.

I shared this clip, not to get you depressed about not being able to slap our trolls silly IRL, but because it is a great reminder that they usually have no better reason to leave negative comments than their own personal issues.

Even if that’s not true and they actually did have a bad experience with you and thought the world should know before working out with you directly, then you actually have the upper hand to be able to say (publicly, just like they did) that you would love to correct the situation as you’re sure this was an instance that does not determine how well you work.

Moral of the story: Nasty comments are not the end of the world, and you shouldn’t let childish ignorance bother you so much to want to consider not allowing comments, or worse, not having a presence online at all. If you’ve built a community that depends and trusts you, they will be there when you need backup.

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A Great successful entrepreneur friend of mine always says "You know you made it when the trolls start appearing" and I believe it, I take it as a measure of success rather than a newsense, always remember "Sticks and Stones..." acknowledge the criticism then move on.

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@omv For authors, I've heard the measure of success is when pirates start pirating your books. Similar idea. Sad, but true I think.