353+ Blog Post Ideas to Inspire You
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353+ Blog Post Ideas to Inspire You

When you’re reaching for good content to create for your audience, it helps to take a look around for help. Luckily there are A TON of resources (including this one) that want to help you with blog post ideas. These are posts that I have bookmarked over time to refer to when I need to come up with content inspiration. I strongly suggest you keep them close when you’re feeling burnt out on subject matter for your content plan.

What to Blog About: 13 Places to Find Fresh Blog Topics — My friend Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media Studios is FULL of great ideas, especially blog post ideas. He’s a master at search engine optimization and knows his stuff about blogging. Check out his 13 places for fresh blog post ideas.

50 Can’t Fail Techniques For Finding Great Blog Topics — It’s tough to find an authority in the web content space as resourceful as Copyblogger and they prove it again here with more great blog post ideas spawning from can’t fail techniques.

Use an Editorial Calendar and Come Up with 10 Post Ideas — Ricardo Bueno is a great online friend of mine and a smart blogger (especially in the real estate space.) Check out his thoughts on how an editorial calendar can change the game in supplying a ton of blog post ideas.

100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write — Chris Brogan is another powerhouse in blogging, especially with his personal touch and innate ability to help people. Check out his over-the-top awesome approach to offering you 100 blog topic ideas… even saying he HOPES you will actually write/vlog them!

15 List Post Ideas When You Get Writer’s Block – Kikolani is one smart cookie and has an amazing site for these sorts of content planning needs. Trust her when you’re digging around for blog post ideas that work and convert.

101+ Killer Blog Post Ideas — Tristan Higbee is another awesome connector in the space of great online content. And of course he had to one up Chris Brogan with 101+ blog post ideas 😉

20 Blog Topic Ideas For You – Tommy Is My Name and blogging is his game! Here are another great 20 blog post ideas to inspire you.

50 Ways To Avoid The Blog Burnout Sucker Punch – Stan Smith, the one and only Pushing Social, is another awesome online friend of mine and he not only knows how to find you great post ideas but can phrase the headline to make you want to click it ASAP!

125 Free Blog Topics-Corporate and Personal Blogging – Heidi Cohen is an AMAZING resource for blogging. An aboslute must subscribe. Check out her 125 free blog topics here.

41 Fresh Blog Post Ideas for Your Company Blog – Hubspot is a leader in the content marketing game online, especially for big business. If you want to hang like the big guys in your industry, check out this site and their blog post ideas to get your started.

Where do you get blog post inspiration? Leave a comment!

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Great work, you certainly deserved it. Hope for more better results from your end.


Robert Seth
Robert Seth

Thanks for the list Amy.  I'll definitely be keeping this post in mind (and bookmarked) as, just like all of us, I definitely have trouble coming up with topics to blog about sometimes.  Also, I appreciate your first email that brings new people up to speed on the most popular content on your blog.  Very nice!

John Detlefs
John Detlefs

Some great ideas here. This website looks great!

Something i've used a lot is once i've got a topic that I like, then to modify it for different markets. So maybe i'd write an article on "Ideas for writing great posts", and that could expand to "Ideas for writing great posts for internet marketers" , and then "Ideas for writing great posts for florists" etc.

That's always helped my when i'm in a writing rut!

In any case, thanks for the inspiration!


Wow, your website is killer. Six hours after coming to this website initially, I'm back, having written up a few blog posts inspired by ideas from here. ;-)

Great stuff, thanks!

Ricardo Bueno
Ricardo Bueno

Just comin' across this one... Looks like I'm in good company, heh. Thanks for bookmarking and giving a shout-out to my post Amy!

Latest blog post: The Sandbox


Hi Amy! Thanks for sharing one of my articles with your readers! And for putting together a great roundup of articles!


Amy, loving all these ideas. Here's my issue with blogging. I have plenty of ideas... for one portion of my audience. In fact, I have a list of ideas (with a link and perhaps a snippet that sparked my interest) and I keep drafts of posts on my blog. My issue is feeling like I'm wasting my readers time. I have two audiences for my blog: other writers and readers. I dislike random posts about ppl's family, pet's, what they had for dinner. I can't imagine having to write that. Which leads to the other half of my audience...readers. I have the hardest time coming up with what I think are interesting, non-promotional blog posts that aren't a waste of my readers time. Not sure any amount of brainstorming will change this. :-(


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