Making Changes for the Better

Today you will notice significant changes on Savvy Sexy Social.

Since March of this year, when I launched Triple S, I have not been in love with what I saw. There was always something I wanted to tweak. Make a little nicer. Improve upon. But the theme I was using and had built my branding around, was not accommodating any of it.

I have been shopping around for a better look with a more non-designer-friendly backend for a long time. And it finally happened just last week when I saw a blog using WooThemes’ Canvas framework. I did some research and learned that this theme had all the options I needed and more. I get all the layouts I want for my site, and I get to pick my own color scheme (which is hard to come by when you don’t know how to change code).

All of those old frustrations are gone. I finally have a platform that I feel completely in control of with a gorgeous layout to make Savvy Sexy Social more functionally beautiful.

Will things change again? Probably. I only had the weekend to turn the site into what it is today. So, I’m sure I’ll figure out more of the extensive offerings on the backend and make more changes. Heck, I may even get creative with a new header… maybe.

But that’s cool. I get to decide. This is my blog, and as long as I feel that I’m always working to create a better experience for my readers, change is good. Change is friggin’ great.

What changes are you making to accommodate your community? Have you made them yet?


  1. Schmittastic

    @RicardoBueno Thanks Ricardo! I finally have a great theme I can work with. Super pumped.

  2. jennstaz

    I like your changes. There are a lot of really useful bells and whistles with this theme! It’s also a good change… still stays within your branding so it’s not too confusing for readers.

    I made some slight styling changes this weekend, but nothing too noticeable!

  3. Schmittastic

    @jennstaz Change is good! I left all the small stuff that mostly only I would notice for later, so I could get all the important stuff done first. Thanks for the comment!

  4. terakristen

    I am checking out SquareSpace right now – it looks like I will have full customization over the design and layout of my website without extensive knowledge of coding…I’m excited for the changes! I definitely need way more options than WordPress allows.

  5. Schmittastic

    @terakristen I know SquareSpace offers some great design options built in to their platform, so that will definitely be useful. What other options do you need that you don’t think WordPress can accommodate?

  6. kbloemendaal

    Looks great Amy! I have Canvas on a site somewhere (can’t remember which one off the top of my head LOL) but I think you are headed in the right direction for sure!

  7. Schmittastic

    @kbloemendaal Thank you! I am loving it so far! I’m sure things will keep changing for the better as I get used to ALL the options on the backend.

  8. jonfun

    schmittastic I actually went back right as you posted this to find out when you started the site. I’m surprised in under six months you’ve been able to gain so much attention. So, yeah you must be doing something right! The only other thing I’m wondering is, how long were you considering doing a site before did it & how long have you been in social media before launching this site? Also, nice change on the site. Looks great!

  9. Schmittastic

    @jonfun I’ve was thinking about creating Savvy Sexy Social for a at least a year before it launched. I was trying to clog on my personal site about social media and it just didn’t work with the audience I have over there who appreciate my personal vlogs. So I finally started this site on March 1st of this year. I have been working in social media for about 2 years now even though I’ve been a social medialite my whole life! Thanks for the great feedback!

  10. jonfun

    @Schmittastic Yeah, I think that’s what I’m going to have to do. There is a divide on being personal & being social. I don’t know why there is, but apparently if you make a divide to specialize in social media people tend to start filter in. I think for you it’s been hugely successful. Hopefully I can do that yet not spread myself to thin. Which I’ve come close to doing with ideas this year. One to many, going in one million directions when I really just need to focus on one.

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