Optimizing Your YouTube Videos For Search

On this week’s segment of @Schmittastic Social Media Tips on the Tweetfind blog, I posted a video about optimizing your YouTube videos for search so they have a better shot of being found by new viewers.

If you didn’t know, YouTube is the #2 search engine only to Google. Makes sense because often when people want to know how to do something or know what something is like, they need a visual. And YouTube more than accommodates.

I don’t usually blog about my Tweetfind videos, but if you have thought about vlogging for your business, then this episode is a must-see for you. Each of the tips is a very important way to help your videos be successful and better your chances at being seen in a YouTube search.

Click here to see the episode and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. jonfun

    This is something I can really use! Also… I’ve was doing some domain research. I couldn’t help myself but you now have a short redirect courtesy of this lovable, points at self, person. No, it does not mean anything other than I’d like for your concept to grow even more. < > Also, the3s.us is available if you want something even shorter. schmittastic

  2. csandreas

    One tip to note is that it takes time… I have some videos that suddenly jumped up by hundreds of views one day because something relevent to the tagging and description happened in the real world. When I make videos I do my best write in a way that someone would search on google or youtube.

  3. RobHalper

    good tips, but I’m not sure about the annotations. Most people drop off of videos anywhere from :30 secs on. But do you want people jumping off your video before they might otherwise? Even though attention spans are approaching nano seconds, I’m not sure it’s a positive to have them stop watching a video, even if it’s to watch another one on your channel

    1.  @RobHalper Very true, Rob. I think you have to be strategic in how and when you ask. I like to end episodes of a series with an endcap playing a clip from a previous episode so they will click to watch that one as well. That is what I was referring to in this video.

      1. RobHalper

         @schmittastic Oh, you mean you actually edit a clip of the related episode at the end? I wish the You Tube edit function were a little more robust so you could do that within the platform. Wouldn’t that be cool? I did see some on-line edit solutions at Streaming Media East like WeVideo, that might make life easier. Again, it depends how long you can keep your viewers. Of course, you have the advantage of being savvy, sexy and social! 🙂

        1.  @RobHalper Aw thanks! Ya that’s my strategy. It has to be interactive presentation or it’s just kinda annoying. Thanks for your comments! Hope to see you around more often!

  4. NastyaStefanuk

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