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Blogging Habits

Blogging every day is just not necessary.

I strongly believe that if you don’t have something to teach or share with your audience, then you shouldn’t blog until you do.

But there’s a catch.

Because even if you think you have something to say, you might postpone your blogging and possibly not get around to it. You think “I need more time to think about whether this is a great topic or not.”

Time will only help you forget what the topic even was and the reason you thought of it in the first place.

Blogging every day can actually help you have the ability to consistently come up with great content ideas, as well as make writing (or whatever form of blogging you do) flow much easier, much quicker. Habits always help.

I say this because I blogged 25 out of 27 days in August.

I’ve never had that long of a stretch before.

Not only that, but after a couple week of this I have been able to get my writing done in 15 minutes. Do some editing. Add a picture. Ready to Publish.

Because I sat down at the computer every day determined to get into the habit and make writing great content come more easily to me, I was able to accomplish it. I made it a habit.

So what does this mean to you?

  1. If you want to be able to do something as often as you like, you have to actually make time to do it. And once you do, you will develop a habit to keep you going.
  2. “Great content” doesn’t always have the same meaning. The longer you think about what might be great, the higher the pedestal you put it on. But when you know of something small that still can be great to your audience, you will be in a habit that will help push you to realize that it is worth sharing.

What are your blogging habits?

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Ricardo Bueno
Ricardo Bueno

I write at night, then edit and publish in the morning. Usually while listening to Pandora and drinking coffee/Redbull (one of the two). Sometimes, I don't know how I keep up at the pace that I do. But then again, I red a lot and I can't turn of da brain.

Latest blog post: The Sandbox

schmittastic moderator

@Ricardo Bueno That's so funny! That's the routine I've had the last month or so and I love it! It's good to get the idea done and almost edited the night before then do final edits the morning when you've had time to sleep on it (way better than "stepping away", if you ask me). It's really helped me hit Publish every day. Thanks for the input, RIcardo!

Ricardo Bueno
Ricardo Bueno

Did I mention Pandora and Redbull (or Rockstar)? That's like my brainfuel. And if it's late enough... Skittles.

Latest blog post: The Sandbox


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