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How Poshbrood Targets Their Audience On Twitter

One of my clients is a luxury, family-friendly travel review site called Poshbrood. It was created by Huffington Post travel writer Elizabeth Thorp after she had accumulated so many reviews of fabulous places to stay with the family that were not only great for adults, but more than accommodating for the family that came along with them. “Just because you brought the kids and the dog, doesn’t mean you have to go to Disney World or stay in a Motel 6,” she says.

As far as social media goes, Elizabeth is already an extremely active member of Twitter. So as her consultant it is my goal to help her grow her network and engage with the right tweeters so her content will reach its highest potential when it is marketed through this social network.

Here are 5 ways that I help target an audience for this family-friendly but luxurious travel review site:

1. Hashtags! Hashtags! Hashtags!

When it comes to Twitter targeting, the first stop should always be hashtags. If you’re not a travel site, do a google search for hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Poshbrood’s most frequently used hashtags are:

  • #traveltuesday — Tuesday conversations about travel resources, tips, and destinations
  • #TMOM — the travel mom community
  • #travel — anything ,anytime about travel
  • #familytravel — any travel related content for families

Adding hashtags to your tweets is so important if you want to reach more of an audience than just your own followers. You will definitely achieve more followers when you participate. But you don’t just want to be a pusher either. Make sure you are actually watching what goes on in these conversations so you can find others to follow and grow your network.

2. Twitter Chats

If you are not familiar with Twitter chats, you need to get familiar ASAP! It’s basically the same thing as participating in hashtags, only you are set to meet at a certain time and date to talk about a certain topic and meet more people in your niche. There is a great big list of Twitter chats that you can refer to to find one that matches your topic. They do a good job of keeping it updated, but there might be more that are missing. Also be prepared for ones that might not be going on anymore. Do some searching to see if you can find any activity before you mark your calendar to reserve time for a chat.

Chats that Poshbrood likes to join in on are #TNI (Traveler’s Night In) and #luxchat (discussion of luxury brands and social media)

3. Industry Gurus

You HAVE to know who the big names in your niche are. First, it’s important for you to stay updated on what they are tweeting about so you are on top of industry news. But also, this is the simplest way to find people who are already interested in your content. By searching for conversations happening with gurus, you’ll find people to follow who you would like to let know about your blog.

For instance, Poshbrood can search for “@adventuregirl” to see who is tweeting with Stefanie Michaels, a travel expert and Twitter icon. By checking out those tweets we have found many people who have an interest in travel tips and destinations that we want to connect with and hopefully earn in the future as one of our blog’s readers.

4. Keyword Search

This is a big one. Anytime I get a new review from Poshbrood, I like to create a column in Hootsuite that does a running search of anyone mentioning something about finding a place to stay in the same city that we just finished reviewing. So the most recent search looked like this:

vacation maine ?

What this does is searches for any tweets that mention the words “vacation” and “maine” in tweets that are also asking a question. The question mark is important because it help filter the search from noise and increases the likelihood that someone will be asking a question about where they should stay on their vacation in Maine. And sure enough one of the first tweets we found was “Can anyone recommend a town in Maine for a late Summer vacation?” Now, not only have we found a target audience member, but we can help them immediately with some content we just released! How is that not awesome?

5. If you tweet, they will come

As long as you are participating in conversations, putting out great content, and being a great personality to engage with, your audience will find you. People are doing searches all the time just like the ones I listed above that might lead to you and all you had to do was talk about what you love with the people who also have an appreciation for it!

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Amy Schmittauer is the Founder & Face of Savvy Sexy Social, an online show helping rising stars and think-big brands embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world. Amy writes, hosts and produces the show, which airs 3 days a week and has an archive of more than 500 episodes. Impacting businesses in almost every country in the World, these advocates have helped Savvy Sexy Social amass more than 2 million YouTube views, giving her a portfolio of work on the platform totaling over 10 million views. Amy’s strategies have led to her career as an internationally-acclaimed public speaker, voted #1 Best Speaker at Social Media Day San Diego in 2015 and with high marks at events such as Tropical Think Tank, Hubspot’s Inbound and Social Media Marketing World. Connect with her on Twitter.
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