How to Turn Customers into your Biggest Social Advocates
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How to Turn Customers into your Biggest Social Advocates

The only reason why social media is becoming more accepted in business is because of the possibility of new customers, clients, partnerships, etc. But in order to do well with word-of-mouth marketing, you have to remember the key role that your current and previous customers have in the process. Here are a few ways to grow the relationship with those customers and turn them into your biggest social advocates:

Offer special discounts for in-store action

Take the opportunity to sweeten the deal for people who are in the store and ready to buy. Ask them to “Like” your Facebook page in order to receive an additional 15% off. Or have QR codes printed that will send a tweet about your business to their followers and offer a free gift for the mention. Small offers like this will get people excited to share the social love.

Use photos to create event celebrities

Any place that hosts an event should be snapping l0ts of pictures of people having a good time. For one thing, multimedia is always more successful on a Facebook Fan page than anything else, so the more picturess the better. But immediately after snapping a picture, you should hand the photo stars a slip of paper with the URL where they can visit your fan page, find the event photo album and tag themselves and their friends. Not only giving them a reason to go to your fan page in the first place, but once they have been tagged, your album will show up on their personal profile for all their friends to see as well.

Ask for reviews

I know that this is something that many businesses are afraid of, but I personally think you should embrace what all your customers have to say about you. If you can be so bold as to ask customers to leave their thoughts about your products or services on your Facebook wall, then you are showing a presence that welcomes conversations by making your community comfortable with sharing their thoughts. Show respect what your fans have to say and you’ll never have to sit and hope people comment on your status updates again.

How do you interact with your customers in the social space?

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