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Dear Businesses, STOP Unfollowing Just for Celebrity Status!

I have had it.

I am sick a freakin’ tired of seeing brands unfollow me on Twitter for no. DAMN. REASON!  Who are you trying to be? Joe Jonas? Lady Gaga? The Biebs?

You will never be The Biebs.

Let me light up your world here, for just one second.


Smart people (like myself) are tracking all of the people that unfollow us on a daily basis. Once you unfollow me, I have no reason to keep following you because you are telling me you could care less about engaging with me.

So congrats for that one or two days that you have 10,000 followers and are only following 100 because probably 40% of your following is going to bail on you.

Bye Bye!

So,what’s the fix for this? How do you get Twitter’s “celebrity” following status the right way?

Try giving a damn about your audience. At some point, your brand will be cool enough that they will accumulate a following too fast to be following everyone back.

But you have to care about THEM first.

It’s called engagement.

Welcome to social media.

Have you been guilty of this Twitter sin? Comment below.

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