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Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Google Plus For Your Biz Just Yet

For those of you business owners having a conniption over the idea of ANOTHER social network to market on, cool your jets.

Although Plus has a lovely user interface and pretty sweet features (one being video chat which Facebook is expected to introduce their own version of today at 1pm EST), it’s just not what you as a business need to concern yourself with… yet.

Once reason being at the time of this post, it is in beta testing.  The only users on Plus are those who have been invited.  So your audience is still VERY much active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever other networks you are currently targeting them on.  Stay focused on those presences so you don’t lose any traction you have already created.

Also, those active users are probably SO loyal to whatever social networks they already use, they aren’t very likely to move over to a new one.  People don’t like change, unless you are a social media consultant like me and you have Early Adopter Syndome.

I’m not saying that Google Plus will never succeed.  I actually think it will.

There will be a day when those people get curious and decide to check out Plus, and the social network will slowly grow and put dents into Facebook and Twitter’s daily visitors.

But as a business owner, I would let the honeymoon period ride out and wait to see what real benefits prove themselves for businesses to have a presence on Plus.

New sites don’t mean new rules.  Just like all businesses need a reason to be on Facebook and Twitter, they need a reason to be on Google Plus, too.

My Recommendation:  If you are curious about Google Plus and you receive an invitation, I absolutely think you should check it out on a personal level first.  This, of course, is a great way to learn your way around the site and then do your research of how the site could benefit your online marketing goals.

I hope you’ll add me to your Cool Kids circle, if you join Plus  :)


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Katherine Salt
Katherine Salt

I think you are right, it can be so easy to start to panic when something new comes on the scene.  Sometimes it's worth waiting it out and seeing how it works.  I have to say the word coniption is a tragically underused word ;o)

Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

Coniption is DEFINITELY an underused word. And it's way better when spelled correctly!  Thank you.  You're my favorite :)

I'm glad you agree about this issue.  It's already difficult for the business owners to not freak about getting involved in social media, much less hold back concern about a brand new territory.  It's our job of as the marketing crew to figure this site out so we can guide businesses accordingly.