Win a copy of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh of Zappos!

I recently visited the headquarters of Zappos in Las Vegas while traveling on the #FoxRoadTrip.  After reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh last year, I have been dieing to witness such an amazing example of business culture.  And now that I have, I want to share it with someone who hasn’t had the opportunity.

First of all, you can see a video from our visit on my Schmittastic personal blog (along with the rest of the adventurous two weeks on the West Coast).  I also received a free copy of the book Delivering Happiness, and since I already have a copy of my own I want to give this one away to one of my wonderful readers!

So if you have not read Delivering Happiness, and would like this copy of the book, please do the following:

  • Leave me a comment below telling me about your business and something you already do/believe that reflects good company culture.
  • Send out this tweet: “@Schmittastic rocks my social socks!” or Click the Facebook “Like” button at the top of this article.

I will announce the winner of the book on Friday! So stay tuned…

Update: We have a winner!!


  1. wyliemac

    Hey Amy, I’d love to win the book. I work for IBM which has 400,000 employees worldwide. Social actually plays a big role in keeping the machine rolling. We’ve got a ton of internal social tools to help us find the answers we need from the right people.

  2. JohnBej

    Hi Amy, I founded a digital marketing agency and I believe having a positive company culture is vital to our success.  We encourage participation in client projects and an open line of communication where ideas can be expressed freely.  We share a passion for problem solving and the pursue of success, so we’re always thinking how we can raise the bar.  Overall my goal is for each of us to feel excited to come to work and share the success and rewards.  @johnbej 

  3. Brian

    First of all Do NOT be a cranky Boss, sometimes your employees has problems at home, be supportive if they need time off to patch things in their private life, in the long run that is much cheaper than them being out sick all the time. Back when I co-owned a Computer Hardware business we also had a policy that gave people off from work with no financial strain when their Spouse and Kids had Birthdays, it is the little things that matter, that and of course free snacks, coffee etc during work hours.

    Flexible hours within reason, do not be a nazi about people being 10 minutes late in the morning, in most cases they more than make it up working longer when you need it the most.

    I think if you are positive your employees will stay positive.

    (I do not own a company anymore so I wont be entered into the book drawing)

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