Blog Beginner 911

If you’re a brand new blogger, don’t think you are the only one asking those basic questions.  Us bloggers were just as clueless when we started out.  It’s hard to make sure that you are doing everything “right” or that you are effectively reaching your ideal audience.  That’s why I want you to check out Heidi Cohen’s post, 20 Blog How-Tos.  She gives you some quick answers to the usual variables like:

  • What the heck should I blog about?
  • How can I optimize for search engines?
  • How can I get some comments?
  • and much more

Savvy Takeaway: In one of her tips, Heidi links to a great resource for blog topics if you are struggling to come up with content.  Everyone can use a good list to get their creative juices flowing and I think you will find it very useful!

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Hey there! I am about to start blogging and was wondering about your intro music. I'd love to have some sort of intro/exit music, but I didn't know if I needed to find music that is copyright free? Can you help?

schmittastic moderator

@LesBush  You should definitely look for music that you have the right to use and still be able to activate ads on your videos. I like for this. There are also great artists that will allow you to use their audio in return for credit such as Also know what you're allowed to use before you stick with it. Hope that helps!