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The Camera You Must Have to be an Awesome Vlogger [VIDEO]

Check out the Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS. You will love it! You can see samples of how the actual video looks on my personal youtube channel.

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Amy Schmittauer is producer of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube series dedicated to helping you lift your day so you can love your life. This proactive lifestyle channel has amassed a community from over 179 countries whose members have contributed more than 3 million views. Follow her on Twitter.
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I have this camera too. It's interesting that you just pointed back to this article, as I'm finding I am having a hard time using this for videos. Mine seems to go in and out of focus pretty easily. Any tips for fixing this problem?


I just love how you involve us in every little detail like this, you are not just another talking head on the screen, huge Kudos and thank you.

schmittastic moderator

 @jennstaz I had that happen a lot too. You might have it on auto. Turn that switch off so you can have control over the setting it's on. You'll understand what I mean when you start playing with it because that fixed it for me.


@schmittastic Ahhh, good call. Easy fix. Thanks Amy!