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5 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Knock Your Social Socks Off

For those of you using Google Chrome for you every day browsing, you probably already love it to pieces just like I do. But I am going to let you in on some AMAZING extensions that you can download to give your social media productivity a little boost.  Let me tell ya… when I discovered this stuff I was in social media heaven!  So cheesy, but it’s true and you are about to understand why:

1. Classic ReTweet

So we all love Twitter for trying to make the Retweet easier with that nice Retweet button they made awhile back, but some of us want our followers to know exactly why we wanted to retweet something by adding our comments.  Well, you will be jumping for no-more-copy-paste joy when you download Classic ReTweet as it will automatically prepare the tweet of your choice to be RT’d and then you can have the option of adding comments or not.  Also, your own avatar will show up, which is not the case when you use the current RT button… the original source’s avatar is displayed.  Tell me you don’t LOVE this extention when you download it.  I will buy you coffee if that is the case.

2. Klout

If you are not familiar with Klout scores, then this probably won’t be amazing to you at first.  Check out another one of my posts to learn more about it. The reason why I love this extension on Google Chrome is because you don’t have to go to the Klout website to find out what others’ scores are (which actually can take awhile because of how slowly the page seems to load).  This extension will automatically display the Klout score of every tweeter in your feed.  Check out my Twitter feed to see a sample:

3. ChromeItLater

All day long I am reading articles and blogs and news.  But when I know I want to read something and can’t do it at that moment, ReadItLater absolutely saves the day. I also always use ReadItLater when I am going through my Google Reader because I subscribe to too many feeds to be trying to read everything at once.  But that process is a whole ‘notha post.  For right now, whether you are using ReadItLater or you’re about to now that I told you about it, ChromeItLater is the perfect sidekick for making the platform work for you.  It’s just a little button in my browser and as soon as I hit it, it saves the page that I’m looking at in my ReadItLater list and closes the tab (which is an option they offer… I leave tabs open way too much!).  I love this extension and if you need to organize your good reads, you will too.

*Update* There is something going on with ChromeItLater making it no longer available, but there are many other extensions similar that will help your productivity with Read It Later.

4. Delicious Bookmarks

I know I’ve talked about Delicious before because it is my favorite way to keep a database of great things on the web, while also sharing it with my networks.  If you are also in the Delicious fan club, you will adore having this extension at your fingertips because of how much quicker it is to save and share articles.  Just check out this screen grab to see how it’s done:

5. Chromed Bird

Similar to the way Delicious’ extension is setup, ChromedBird is in the toolbar of your browser and alerts you of new tweets, mentions, DMs, etc. that you want to know about, instead of having to check Twitter or other third party program.  A little number will indicate how many tweets you are missing out on and when you click on it, it’s like a mini-Twitter as you can see different feeds and tweet right from the pop up.  Very convenient if you want to respond promptly but need to stay on task without getting distracted.  Don’t you hate when that happens? 🙂

Know of any sweet Chrome extensions we should know about?  Leave a comment below with the goods or just let us know what you think about the downloads I suggested!

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Love the klout one, but the Classic Retweet is even better. Good work Amy.

Chris Adams
Chris Adams

The Delicious plugin looks cool. One of the primary reasons I use Delicious is because it has a Safari plugin, but maybe I'll have to migrate over to Chrome.

Was going to suggest rapportive too, fab extension.

Also love WiseStamp (creates a social signature for all your accounts), Pixlr (for grabbing images and editing them within your browser) and Clicky to see my blog stats without leaving my current page. For blogging, Zemanta is pretty essential too.

Disconnect: Stops third party and search engine tracking - http://goo.gl/MQqm5

facebook disconnect: Stops facebook tracking - http://goo.gl/aCDqs

rapportive: shows your connections social networking accounts in gmail, free CRM right in your inbox - http://goo.gl/gYsZ5

Black Canvas Script Handler: Lets you customize and manage all of your scripts. It's like greasemonkey for Chrome, but better - http://goo.gl/XoNg3

facebook Photo Theater Killer: It kills the stupid pic viewer, view pics the old (better) way - http://goo.gl/tLdCn

schmittastic moderator

@evandawber Classic Retweet is amazing! Although since Twitter started auto shortening URLs, you have to be careful because they don't copy over correctly most of the time. Still an awesome extension when it works right!

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Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

I haven't seen the plugin for safari, but I definitely still recommend Chrome just because of how many awesome social extensions there are for it. Make the switch!

Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

OMG I LOVE WiseStamp! Good suggestion! Best social signature ever! More awesome extensions for me to try... I love it! Thanks Emma!

Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

Awesome! Thanks for the additions! I will have to check all of those out for sure.