Building Relationships By Sharing Others’ Content

Didn’t momma teach to you how to share?  Well if you didn’t appreciate the lesson from her, social media is about to make you take it much more seriously.  A lot of new media noobs underestimate or don’t even really consider sharing content with their followers and fans from other professionals in or related to their field.  Well, I’m here to tell you that not only SHOULD you do it, but you HAVE to in order to increase the likelihood of being successful!  And I’ll tell you why:

Cross-Promotion Is The Key

If you share the ideas and blogs of other professionals in and around your industry, you are going to build great relationships with those people.  This will grab the attention of those professionals who will hopefully keep an eye out for your own awesome content that they can cross-promote to their followers.   This can lead to partnership opportunities, guest blogs, joint ventures, etc. so that you can help each other prosper and be successful.

Continuously Great Content

This is about 80% of what Savvy Sexy Social is all about.  Why in the world would I re-create the wheel by writing my version of what other people have already written/vlogged/podcasted if I can just point my followers in the their direction?  By doing that, I have achieved two great things:

  1. I am still known as a great resource because even if I’m not answering your question directly, I can tell you exactly who already has, and
  2. I am relieved of having to constantly bang out great content, because it is ALREADY ALL OVER THE PLACE!  I can come up with new ideas from other information and season my posts or social links within all the other content I’m sharing and there you have it: I’ve become an industry profesh because of this constant stream of helpful and interesting information!


Tips For Effective Sharing:

Okay so now that I’ve convinced you to be on Team Share, you’re probably wondering the best way to go about crediting the sources that you are sharing.  Well here are a few tips in that department:

  • I hope this goes without saying, but PLEASE only link information out that is relevant to your niche/audience.  I know that sounds stupid to some of you, but this is extremely important to achieving the “industry professional” name.  If you post information from a variety of topics like cooking, technology, sports, politics, beauty tips, etc. it will be difficult for you to grow an audience in the first place because it will be difficult to be able to tell what your specialty is in.  Now, I’m not saying that two topics that are not besties can’t be in the same blog (Our first Socialista Saturday: Michele McGraw of Scraps of my Geek Life blogs about fitness and technology and has done a great job of finding her audience), but you really need to hone in on what you want to be known for and try not to stray too often.
  • If you want to tweet a blog post or a link that you found, post a shortened link (using Hootsuite or and the proper title of the information. You might also want to put an extra little comment with your thoughts or why you tweeted it.  Then, the most important thing is to find the source’s twitter handle so that they will know that you have shared the love.  Here is an example of how I would go about tweeting about a blog I found outside of Twitter: Leadership Development: When NOT to be GUTSY (via @womenonbusiness)
  • If you want to share a link on your Facebook page, make sure that you are friends with or “like” the source of the information so that when you are writing a little blurb about the article, you can type “@” which will prompt Facebook to provide a list of who you are friends with so you can find the person you want to credit and directly link to them.  For a better explanation of how to directly link to someone on Facebook, see this article for visual steps.
  • If you wrote a blog and referenced someone else’s information within it, there is a possibility that an automatic system with your blog recognized it and alerted the source of information.  In WordPress blogs, this is called a “Ping” and will show up in your comments section when someone has blogged about your blog post.  But if you would like to make sure that person knows, I strongly recommend leaving them a comment somewhere on their blog, preferably on whatever post they wrote to inspire you.  Everyone loves comments on their own blog, so for you to leave one and say that their blog led you to write/make something of your own is just a yummy feeling!

Are you a super sharer?  How have you been able to build relationships with people through sharing content?


  1. Marlee Ward

    You are just rockin’ it girl. You are borderline addictive. Fo realz! Are you going to BlogWorld NYC? I’d love to meet you IRL. 🙂 Thanks for all the great info.

    1. I’m thinking about just coming to town and going to events. I just went to their Vegas conference and am planning on the LA one as well. Will DEFINITELY hit you up if I come to NYC in May. Would love to meet you!!

  2. Anonymous

    Another thing to point out (although you hinted at it with Pings) is that by sharing someone else’s content on Twitter, you open up the chance to develop a relationship with the person whose content you’re sharing. That is huge, and can lead to promotion of your own content down the line in return.

  3. Enjoyed this post Amy. Glad to have me you on #UsGuys This type of engagement is something I teach my clients as well. There are too many one way (usually automated) accounts on Twitter now, although they can probably get some google juice out of it, they most certainly don’t get social juice out of it. I’m going to share your post with my @BoomerTechTalk peeps as well.

      1. Thank you so much Linda! I’m so glad to have your input on my post today and welcome you to Savvy Sexy Social! I actually have met you IRL before… you may have seen me following Jim Alden around at CES this past January. Hope to see you again very soon at #usguys and IRL!

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