New Perspective on Linkedin Brand Awareness

Linkedin has been doing some cool stuff these days and it is not going unnoticed! At least not by me. In this edition of One Minute One Cut, check out my thoughts on how you should rethink your Linkedin strategy.

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Advice for Branding on Social Images

In another edition of One Minute One Cut, I’m spitting some rants about what happens when you think getting credit is more important than having a great social media image. Spoiler: Ugliness.

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Grow Up, Introvert. Get Social.

As I’m putting finishing touches on the first ever Savvy Sexy Social LIVE event coming up this Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, I thought I would put a twist on your regularly scheduled programming and slam out some quick episodes. We’re calling it One Minute One Cut and today it’s all about going from networking online to IRL (in real life) in the best way to represent yourself.

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Social Media

People Who Rock Snapchat

Thanks to @GoProMom on Instagram for inspiring this video. These are some awesome personal brands on Snapchat that you should follow.

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State of Savvy Sexy Social [400 EPISODES!]

We’ve reached the 400th episode of Savvy Sexy Social and I am just in awe. Like woah! Today let’s talk about some things that have happened in the last 100 videos that have continued to shape this community into the resource it was meant to be for small business.

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