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Procrastination: The Real Definition

I’m on a sexy rant today (because I know much you like those) to talk about procrastination and what it really means. Because if you’re doing it, you’re not going to like what it says about you.

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RSS Format: Full Summary or Excerpt Only?

This is a great question from one of Amy’s Elite about how to optimize blog content to get the best results from a growing audience when it comes to RSS outline. A technical Savvy Tuesday, but a useful item to think about if you’re sharing your content in an RSS feed platform.

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Writing, Speaking and Traveling with Author Chris Ducker [PODCAST]


I’ve spent more time with today’s guest than I have my own family in the last few months. What makes that factoid really incredible is that Chris Ducker lives in the Philippines. Chris and I are two passionate entrepreneurs who have helped each other on several occasions. His book, Virtual Freedom, gave me some great input on how to use virtual assistants to build my business. He’s also asked me to be on his podcast and to speak at his amazing business conference next year, which you will want to hear more about because there juuuuuust might be a little surprise for listeners of The Marketing Lifestyle Show.

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Tiiny App Network for Low Pressure Photo and Video Sharing [VIDEO]

The app I’m sharing today is a new social network for photo and video sharing (and disappearing.) Tiiny App was created by serial founder Kevin Rose and even though I’m usually against these silly disappearing platforms, I’ve fallen in love with this user experience.

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Headspace App Gives You Some New Head Space [VIDEO]

Whether or not meditation sounds like it’s your thing, you really need to have a few moments with yourself sometimes. And that’s why I love this app Headspace to help me do just that.

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